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A kid called Sean is a 34 minute symphonic rock 'epic' inspirered by the big sympho-bands from the '70's.The piece consists of 14 parts tied together by a recurring melodic theme which presents itself in all kinds of variations.

Listen to tracks from the brand new album by Melvin's Nosehair: A kid called Sean

The lyrics are partly autobiographic but there are also storylines based upon fantasy.Musically speaking there is a lot to be experienced: those 34 minutes will flow by in the blink of an eye.

Jos Durkstra keyboards and guitar - Joris Drexhage bass -Tom Luchies guitar and vocals - BertJan Hobbeling drums - Mark Volmer vocals

Part 2 - Overture

Part 8 - Left out

Part 13 - Grand Finale

Part 14 - Childhood's end....

A compilation of the entire cd (8"27')